Review of the Reverend Double Agent OG

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Review of the Reverend Double Agent OG

Warning... you might have an attack of G.A.S. once you get your hands on a Reverend Guitar. For those of you who aren't familiar, G.A.S. is "Gear Acquisition Syndrome."

These guitars are highly addictive and the variety of models, shapes, pickup configurations, etc make them collectable.

You may not be able to stop at one. But if you can only buy one Reverend, you should check out the Double Agent OG.

This thing is sweet- with a P90 style pickup in the neck and a PAF style pickup in the bridge, you can cover all sorts of tonal ground.

The single cutaway Double Agent OG features the power of a bridge humbucker, and the bluesy tone of a neck P-90 in one axe!

Plus, all Reverends have their patented bass roll-off knob which allows you to re-voice the pickups and pull the lows out, leaving a glorious open chimey tone that is unique and amazingly useful.


The two pickups complement each other perfectly, allowing you to switch seamlessly between two different tonal characters without losing volume or punch.

Combined, they offer up a unique tone unlike anything else.

The Tune-O-Matic bridge/Stoptail combo stabilizes tuning even through the most aggressive playing.

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