1SKB-PS-8UK 8 Port UK 220 Plug Powered Pedal Board - Black

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Brand: SKB

Color: Black


  • Two variable DC jacks for any voltage from 4 V to 12 V, Four standard 9VDC jacks for Boss, Electro-Harmonix, etc.
  • Two 1.3 amp VAC jacks for pedals from Digitech and Line 6, One 18 VDC jack for MXR EVH Flanger, etc.,One 24 VDC jack for boutique and vintage pedals,Two 9/12 VDC jacks for more boutique and vintage pedals
  • All power outputs are completely isolated, filtered, regulated;All power outputs include short circuit protected;All DC jacks have polarity switches
  • Built-in cable tester;Includes headphone amp and buffered preamp;Includes cable management system for easy cable routing;Includes angled mounting surface for easier reach
  • Capable of "true stereo" setup (route pedals to the front AND effect loops of two different amps);Detachable main power cord with international power supply

Release Date: 2013-11-28

UPC: 789270991699

EAN: 0789270991699