AUDIENT ASP880 microphone amplifier

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Publisher: AUDIENT

Details: AUDIENT ASP880 microphone amplifier. ASP880 is an 8-channel microphone preamplifier and ADC that allows the realization of recordings of the highest professional standards. It incorporates eight microphone preamplifiers incorporating the prestigious studio console Audient, and a host of versatile features including variable impedance filter and variable high-pass filters, all in one unit in 1U of microphone preamps of rack.Los audient, design A, provided that the same quality sonic products costing three or four times. Developed by legendary designer David Dearden, these preamps are used by thousands of professionals around the world.The studies ASP880 incorporates the best converters developed by Burr Brown, a world leader in the field of conversion. Thus, the unit not only works as a preamplifier, but also can be used as a specific unit for conversion. The AD button enables the ASP880 function as 8-channel microphone preamplifier, while used independently converters, as autónoma.La unit DI unit also offers two discrete JFET input feature, allowing direct connection guitar or bass, and allows the insertion of analog processors (compression or EQ, for example) before conversores.Cuando working with ribbon microphones, is of special interest for the presence of variable impedance, which allows condition behavior prior to suit all precision micro utilizado.La tape drive has an all-metal construction and incorporates aluminum buttons.

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