Guitar Capo for 6 String Electric and Acoustic Guitar (Black)

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Brand: Meerano

Color: Black


  • No matter your neck size or string tension, the Meerano Capo provides rock-solid tuning stability for any steel-string electric or acoustic guitar.
  • Thanks to this intuitive spring-action design and alloy body, shifting pitch has never been so easy-or so portable.
  • Made of lightweight high quality zinc alloy. Allows for quick one-hand application
  • Curved rubber padding for use with both curved and straight fretboards. Sleek ergonomic design
  • Buy with peace of mind with our 24-month no questions asked warranty.


The Meerano Capo allows you to play open chords in different keys by raising the pitch of the open strings. This is an essential accessory for any music player.

Main Features:

- Lightweight high quality zinc alloy design

- Quick one-hand application

- Versatile for any neck shape

- Sleek ergonomic design