Kenley Pro Guitar Care Tool Kit - String Winder, String Cutter, Truss Rod Wrench Set, Action Measuring Ruler, Bridge Pins Puller - Musician Setup Starter Tools Accessories for Acoustic Electric & Bass

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Brand: Kenley


  • Set up, change strings, set intonation, adjust action, measure height and depth, and more
  • Suitable for acoustic, electric and bass guitars as well as banjo or ukulele
  • Includes 4-in-1 screwdriver, Allen keys, string changing tool, cutters and other tools
  • Each tool in its own space in a stylish case with extra pockets for picks and strings
  • Compact musician's maintenance toolkit, ideal gift for beginners or pros

Details: Take the best care of your instrument
From a snapped string to adjusting the action, there are repairs every guitarist wants - or needs - to do themselves. The Kenley Guitar Tools Kit has everything you need in one compact carry case so you can keep it handy whether you're at home or on the go. It's suitable for acoustic, electric and classical guitars and makes an ideal gift for both beginners and pros alike. The Kenley Guitar Kit is designed to work well with Fender, Gibson, Takamine, Floyd Rose, Martin and most Asian truss rods. It can also be used with other stringed instruments, such as the banjo, mandolin, ukelele or bass.

Be ready to play any time
With 9 Allen wrenches; a string winder (with bridge pin puller tool); string cutters; a string action ruler; a polish cloth and a 4-in-1 screwdriver, this all-in-one instrument care kit will let you deal with guitar emergencies whenever they strike, whether you're mid soundcheck or teaching a lesson. Each tool has its own space in this stylish red and black case. Extra pockets are included for additional items such as strings, picks, business cards or whatever you need to carry.

What's in the box:

1x Carrying case
1x Steel string cutters
1x Polish cloth
1x Heavy-duty 4-in-1 Screwdriver: Philips #1, 3/16", 5mm; Philips #2, 1/4", 6mm; Flat 3/16", 5mm; Flat 1/4", 6mm (Slotted)
1x String winder with bridge pin puller tool
1x Stainless steel string action ruler/ set up gauge)
9x Allen wrenches: Ø1.5mm (MIM Fender & most import saddles), Ø2mm, Ø2.5mm (Floyd Rose), Ø3mm (Floyd Rose), Ø4mm, Ø5mm, Ø6mm, Ø8mm, Ø10mm